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Sisternomics- April 2020 Financial Tip

What a changing world we live in! Few of us could have imagined just a few short weeks ago that we would be facing a global health crisis of this magnitude. Our prayers and thoughts remain with those who have been personally impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. During such a time we’re understandably so focused on physical health that it’s hard to think about finances. None of us knows how long this crisis will continue. As many individuals face full or partial unemployment - there are actions we can take to limit the damage and be prepared for continued financial success once this devastation is behind us. This month we’re sharing a few practical tips to help us stay on track so that we can come out financially strong once we’re able to win the battle against this common enemy.

  • Stay in close contact with your workplace human resources department. If they have not offered this information, ask about options for working remotely, working reduced hours, or taking emergency leave to avoid potential layoffs.

  • If no options are available with your employer, apply for unemployment using the following link:

NE Department of Labor/Unemployment

  • Contact creditors (mortgage loans, auto loans, credit cards, personal loans, student loans) to arrange delayed payments if necessary

  • Contact utility and phone companies, along with internet service providers to arrange delayed payments if necessary. Use the links below:

OPPD Contact MUD Contact COX Cable Contact

Financial Tip:

Take care of yourself. Turn off the ever-present news updates and go for a walk, while practicing social distancing. Turn on your favorite music and sing along to it – loudly! Call friends and loved ones regularly to check up on them. Commit to talking about something, anything – besides the coronavirus. Play board games. Attend online church services. Attend virtual exercise classes. Take care of your finances. Keep faith in the knowledge that we are a strong people and that we will get through this – together!

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